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Apr 21

Earth Day at the Ecotarium

Friday was Earth Day at the Ecotarium, and I loved it.   I brought my three, plus two extra on the theory that if you’re going to the Eco, you should always bring extras.  We bought our first membership to the Ecotarium nine years ago, and it’s completely, completely worth it.  With a large family, by the time we’ve gone twice, the membership has more than paid for itself.   Plus you get in free at a bunch of other museums, like the Childrens Museum and the Science Museum in Boston.

We had just a lovely, lovely day there.  The kids had a blast, playing on the playground, checking out the new games exhibit, and hanging out up in the Mt. Washington exhibit on the first floor.  The Hurricane Tube was a huge hit.  I had packed a picnic lunch, and found a quiet spot in the cafeteria to eat with everyone.  After everyone was done, I nursed Julianna to sleep and laid her in the carriage (which she had refused to ride in while awake) and then was able to just wheel her around following the kids.  We went on the loop trail around the  pond, when I discovered that it’s definitely NOT carriage friendly.   So then I was left with a dilemma – we were about a third of the way around, and I had a ten year old, two nine year olds and a five year old.  Should I make them all come back with me, because I can’t supervise them or do I trust that they’ll trek around the pond and be fine?  I weighed the options, and erred on the side of letting them go.  I was babysitting at ten, and I would be within shouting distance the whole time.

They emerged on the other side, delighted and proud of themselves.  And we timed it perfectly, because Julie woke up just as they came up the path.  We went back inside, wandered around a little more and then headed home.

All in all, an awesome day at the Eco.  The weather was ideal, the kids were perfectly behaved, and Julianna got a great nap.  It was the perfect ending to a really, really great April vacation.

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