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Jun 15

Author’s Tea

Jessica had her Author’s Tea yesterday – which is where all the little second graders invite their parents in for cake and cookies and they all read a selection from their “White Book.”  Which is a staggeringly obvious name of the book that they write in all year long.  They wrote a little autobiography, dedicated the book to someone they loved, and wrote throughout the year on a variety of topics.  Her autobiography is:

Hi, my name is Jessica Cohen.  My nickname is Jessie Bug Noodle.  I am 8 years old.  I was born on February 7, 2003. I have two older sisters, Lilli and Sarah.  My younger sister’s name is Julianna and I can’t forget my younger brother Sam.  My parents names are Melissa and Marc.

I like to read fantasy books but sometimes I like to read biographies.  I take dance lessons at Charlotte Klein Dance Studio.  I also like writing stories.

When I grow up, I want to teach preschool.  While the children are napping, I will write stories to read to them at story time.  My favorite color is purple.  Reading and writing are my favorite school subjects.  My favorite book is Butterflies in my Stomach.

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