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Jun 17

Why Marc really, really deserves Father’s Day

(another non inclusive list in no real order….)
1.  He flat out adores his children.  Really, really.  We had an extremely unplanned pregnancy very soon after we got together (and an even more unplanned miscarriage) and from the very beginning, he was thrilled about having more kids.  Devastated after the miscarriage and just as focused on trying again as soon as we could.  He’d have more kids in a heartbeat, and is the main reason why Julianna probably isn’t going to be the youngest :-).  I’ve never seen a man who genuinely loves fatherhood as much as he does.
2.  He doesn’t reserve it for just his kids.  I can name several kids in the New England area who have blossomed under his love and attention.  He’s taken in kids that don’t have the paternal attention and made them feel safe and loved and valued.  He’s warm, loving, and truly happiest when there’s a whole bunch of little kids running around him.
3.  He’s never, ever, not once, ever complained about the mess left by the hordes of children playing here.
4.  He’s the best husband I’ve ever seen.  Objectively – 🙂 speaking, he’s just freaking awesome.  Loves me to bits, makes me feel beautiful and adored and valued.  He shows his daughters how they should be loved and his son how to treat a woman every day by his example.
5.  He’s a really, really good son.  No matter what, he loves his parents and does his best to honor them.
6.  He’s willing to change and learn.  He’s changed a lot, in the almost ten years we’ve been together, and is always willing to try something new or different.  He pays attention to what works, works to find solutions to problems that aren’t easily solvable.
7.  He creates traditions that have meaning and are fun.  My kids will grow up with great memories of Fight on the Bed, singing in the car, watching Christmas specials, lighting Shabbat candles and blessing the first blossom in the spring.
8.  He’s still the King of Dealing with Puke.  Absolute undisputed king.

I’m forever grateful that my children have a father like Marc.  I think it balances out, and I’ve got a knee jerk kind of belief in karma.  I didn’t have a father growing up, and while I wouldn’t trade my childhood for anything, because everything that happened got me here, and I really, really love my life – I think the fact that my children have a father like Marc, having them know, every single second, that they are loved and safe and adored is absolutely wonderful, and I appreciate having him so much more.  My kids have the best father in the world.  I can’t imagine doing this without him, and my only prayer, every night, is just for more of this life we’ve built together.

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