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Oct 12

Avoid Love My Pet

So it seemed like a rational idea.  I’ve got a dog, she smells.  Not a lot, because we bathe her and stuff, but she’s still only so-so on the whole housetraining thing, and my carpet is kind of stinky.

I had tried the whole put-baking-soda-on-it thing, and it worked a little.  But Love my Carpet, with the picture of the dog on it, – that had to work better, right?  It doesn’t.  But it does leave a lingering stench of baby powder and little particles of powder in the air, rendering the air quality bad enough that all the kids were coughing and Marc still refuses to come out of the bedroom.

In other news… all is well here.  Sam’s a little emotional, for reasons that he can’t fully articulate.  Boys go thru mood swings too, in puberty, and he’s in throes of something right now.  Jessie is in the middle of taking over my dining room with her English project.  She’s doing the “epic hero” journey and using Moana as her story.  So I’ve got posterboard, glitter glue, island rose petals and sequined green ribbon that she assures me is critical to the project.  Julianna is kind of a hot mess this afternoon, she fell, and then everyone thought it was because she couldn’t breathe (due to the aforementioned Love My Pet fiasco), and the attention for the wrong thing reduced her to tears.  She’s been very into drawing these days, and is currently working her way thru her third sketch pad this week.

Marc got Employee of the Month today – and as proud as I am of him, I’m also a little sad because he’s still waiting for the other shoe to drop.  Things have been so rough for so long, especially for him, especially career-wise, that succeeding is still somewhat of a novel experience for him.   He’s always worked so hard, and it’s so rewarding for him to have found a job that he likes, and is so good at.

God, it really is hard to breathe in here.

I’m still struggling with the whole housebreaking thing.  Sometimes I think she’s doing well, and then it’ll all fall apart.  We take her out all the time, get ridiculously pleased and dispense treats and copious compliments whenever she pees outside.  And then she’ll come inside and poop on the bathmat.  I remind myself that dogs were literally created to exist in harmony with humans.  She must get it at home point, right?

And on the upside, the rug does look great.  I mean, you can’t sit in there because it smells so very bad, but from a distance, it looks good.

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