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Oct 13

Free Coffee Friday!

It’s not a holiday in the traditional sense.  I know that.  And yet, for us, it’s an annual tradition that we look forward to, get all excited about doing it, and enjoy it more than I think we probably should.

Cumberland Farms offers Free Coffee on Fridays in October.  It’s not that the coffee is expensive, it’s a dollar, but I don’t, as a rule, get coffee for me.  Mainly because I drink it all day long, and it’d be way too expensive if I didn’t just make it at home.  But on free coffee Friday, I not only get coffee there, I let the kids get it too.  Coffee for everyone!   And it must just be the whole forbidden thing, the novelty of it, because they all really, really get into it.  Julie, in particular, was so damn happy that she got coffee in her own little to-go cup.

Jessie is on the train right now.  By herself.  To Boston.  I pushed, a little, and encouraged her to make plans with Lilli to go spend the night in Boston at Emerson.  In part, because I remember doing it with Eric and Mandi when I was a freshman at Emerson, and partly because I want them to stay close, now that Lilli is off to college.   I was brave and so free-range, oh yeah, I’ll pop my 14 year old onto the train by herself, it’ll be FINE.  Then when it actually came time to ship her off, I was hesitant and unsure.  Fortunately, Jessie was not, and danced off onto the train like it was no big deal.  And it’s not, she’s ridden the train in and out of Boston a zillion times (well, 12), so it’s really not a big deal for her.  Which is what I wanted, but …

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