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Jan 27

Bedtime routine

I know I’ve posted on this before – but I’m still confused by Sam’s bedtime routine. I’ve tried to be more consistent with it, but it’s strictly for my own comfort, because he certainly doesn’t need any help with it. He just goes until he’s done, then lays down and sleeps for 12 hours.

Jessie, to this day, still requires a routine. Teeth, pee it out, stories, and even then, it’s difficult for her to fall asleep. I can relate to that – because I do the same thing. I have to read myself to sleep, literally until my eyelids are too heavy and then I have to coax myself to sleep. I need total darkness, no noise. Marc, on the other hand, simply decides to go to sleep, and does. Bright daylight, television on, kids screaming – doesn’t matter, he decides to go to sleep and is asleep minutes later.

Sam is like Marc. He just hangs out with us until he’s done, and then lays down and within minutes, is snoring. And I keep thinking that I’m somehow neglecting him. Despite the fact that he doesn’t require, or want, for that matter, any more involvement on my part. Stories are okay, if he’s in the mood, lullabies do nothing for him. He just dances around, and then lays down and sleeps. Even as a baby, he was always super easy to put down for a nap. He’s the only kid I’ve ever known to freely acknowlege that he wanted to sleep, and then he’d go to sleep. It’s not something to fight for him, it’s just a simple fact of life. When he’s tired, he sleeps. It’s not that mysterious, but I’m still baffled by it.

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