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Dec 22

Better today

Hot tea might be the trick… I started to crash, exhaustion-wise, mid afternoon again. This time, instead of just suffering and trudging to bed at seven (since Marc won’t be home until after nine tonight), I went for a hot cup of decaf tea. And while I don’t feel up to running a marathon, I’m at least coherent and functional.

No more afternoon nap for Sam. Unfortunate casualty of weaning – he hasn’t really figured out how to fall asleep without it yet. I’ve never just “put him down for a nap.” He always nursed to sleep for that one. He’s pretty good about going to bed, just crawling up with Marc, but occasionally me, and falling asleep when he’s tired – but naptime? Forget it. If he’s not nursing, he’s not napping. And he’s most assuredly not nursing anymore. He asked a couple of times last night in his sleep, and I’d let him attempt, and then cut him off after a minute or two. And he didn’t ask this morning or at all during the day. He’s weaned. He just is, and I’m thrilled. There’s a little wistfulness, my baby boy took a pretty major step out of babyhood, but mostly, I’m just psyched about it.

But I could really use an afternoon nap at this point in the pregnancy ;-).

In other news – all is well with the girl child. She’s been very busy with her new art kit, making birthday cards for her grandmother, and Merry Christmas cards for her teacher. Tomorrow is the last day of school before vacation and she’s thrilled about it. She’s so smart and so pretty – and growing up so fast… it’s amazing to me that I’ve got an almost seven year old and am working on having another tiny baby girl. I wonder what they’ll be like, how they’ll be different from each other, how they’ll be the same. I mostly just can’t wait to see all three of my kids together. You know that feeling you get when your kids are together? That sense of just… rightness, for lack of a better word. Lately, when I look at Jess and Sam, it feels like my baby girl is missing. She’s already such a big part of the family and not even due for another eighteen weeks (it’s not like I’m counting or anything)…

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