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Apr 28

The blossoms are here, the blossoms are here

It’s like there was a memo that went out, and suddenly all the trees in my neighborhood are green.  We started playing the forsythia game last week sometime, where one of the kids hollers “FORSYTHIA!” and then we all high five.  There are days when my hand literally aches a little, from high fiving three kids every few feet as we drive.  The yards are green, the flowers are budding, the streets are swept and I’m loving springtime.

I’m also loving that school is almost over for the year.  My kids don’t adore school.  Sam actually likes it a lot, once he’s in the groove.  He was a breeze to get ready this morning, and bounced off to school like it was no big deal.   Jessie is a lot more emotive in the mornings on a consistent basis, and was pretty wretched about heading in today.  She got into Goddard Scholars Academy for sixth grade, and will be starting there in the fall.  It’s an Innovation School, for advanced and highly motivated kids – and the best part is that it’s part of the public school system, so it’s like a private school, with small classes (there’s only 48 kids in each year), incredibly involved and dedicated teachers and tons of extra learning opportunities and it’s free.  She was invited to apply (along with eighty seven thousand of her closest friends – anyone with at least a proficient score on both verbal and math for MCAS could apply) and we waited with baited breath for her to get in.

They accepted everyone with advanced/advanced scores, and a few of the advanced/high proficient got in.  Everyone else was on a wait list.  She was advanced for verbal, and two points away from advanced for math, so she got a low wait list number (#8), and we got the notice last week that she was in.   I think, now that she knows she’s definitely not going to be at the school next year, she’s just done with it altogether.  Or maybe it’s just that it was Monday, after a vacation week, and she didn’t want to go back.  Or it could be that she was just overtired and not used to getting up at the crack of dawn anymore.  Tough to tell, but this morning was rough.

But spring is here, and the summer isn’t too far off.  I’m a happy, happy girl today.


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