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Oct 13

Bread of Idleness

That’s what I’m dining on today. Even though I can make a list of all that I’ve accomplished today (folded two loads of laundry, changed two kids, washed two loads of dishes, fed three children, entertained my mother and Annie, put Sam down for a long nap, took a shower, cleaned off the dining room table, put away most of the laundry, listed out all of the parent volunteers for the fall festival), I still feel as though I’ve accomplished next to nothing.

Had a great weekend. I love my step daughters, and I love the family, the whole family, when we’ve got all four kids together and the chemistry that we all have… but there’s something magical about spending the weekend with my husband and the children that we have created together. We went to Boston on Saturday – and my favorite part was the lunch at Wendy’s. I know that sounds goofy, but meals together, just us, and no fighting is still so… magical. And we ate again Saturday night and last night, the four of us shared tacitos and it was so nice. We don’t fight, we don’t yell, there’s no sighing and moaning, it’s just the four of us and we’re happy.

It wasn’t like that when I was growing up. Meals were… busy, harried, and usually painfully uncomfortable with Paul, Scott and Mandi all brawling it out. Sometimes Eric would blow up… and there was always the weight of Mom’s expectations, she wanted so badly for us to have… what I have now with Marc and Jessica and Sam.

Anyway – eating the bread of idleness… still. I have dishes to finish, laundry to put away, a living room to vacuum, a dining room to vacuum, two kids to bathe, dinner to make, etc. And I’m wishing I could just read instead 🙂

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