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Oct 20

I like my daughter

And the older she gets, the more I like her. She’s legitimately fun to hang around with. I know all the perils of thinking that you are your child’s friend. She needs a parent, not a buddy, etc… but she’s still just such an amazing person to be with. She’s funny and wise and I get such a charge out of spending time with her and learning about the person she’s becoming. Every day she grows up a little more, and I’m so enormously proud of the little girl she is, and the inklings I get of the type of woman she’ll become.

I spent yesterday in Salem. And I went with Becky, Aimee, Annie, Glennys, my mother and my daughter. And it was wonderful and fun but the best part of it, for me, was spending time with my mom and my little girl. I love my mother, and am so lucky to have her for a parent. I see so many people with such crappy relationships with their mothers, so many mothers who just hurt their kids, unintentionally and without thinking, and there’s still nobody who loves me like my mom loves me. And my little girl, I know she’s not perfect, there are days when I think if she whines one more time, I might just lose my mind, but she’s so exactly everything I ever wanted in a daughter, and so much more… I’m so enormously grateful and blessed to have those two in my life.

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