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Sep 15

Bright, beautiful morning

And I’m feeling pretty good today – took some anti-nausea meds yesterday, and apparently, still feel the effects. I still feel pregnant, but don’t feel the overwhelming need to run for the bathroom either. The medication made me out of my mind tired, to the point where I fell asleep around four while the kids watched television and literally went to bed before Sam did. I gave him a snack, put on a recorded show for him, and told him to just come to bed when he was tired. I don’t know that I can take it again, unless it’s on a day when Marc’s home because I really couldn’t function, I was so tired.

Busy, busy, busy today and the next several days. Today I’ve got Harrison and Sam (they’re so cute together) and then I’ve got to take the car this afternoon, run to Target to get tights for Jess, drop the kids off at Sara’s, pick up Marc and run to Jessie’s Open House. Tomorrow – I’ve got my first doctor’s appointment – YAY – then to Jessie’s school to cover lunch, then Jessie’s dance class tomorrow afternoon. Thursday should be pretty simple, and Friday morning, I’ve got to go to the synagogue, finish decorating the childcare room for the weekend, and then we’ve got dinner at Marc’s aunt’s house. Saturday at the synagogue, Saturday night at another aunt’s house, Sunday at the synagogue and then we start next week 🙂

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