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May 24

Busy, busy weekend

Let’s see… Friday night, Marc went to the Mixed Martial Arts fights with a couple of his friends, and I stayed home and watched Grey’s Anatomy. I sat on our big comfy chair, with Sam asleep next to me, Jess passed out on the couch and Julianna nursing to sleep on my lap. It was so INTENSE. I was watching it solo, except for the sleeping kids and had to call my cousin Becky twice to get reassured that nobody I really liked died.

Saturday morning, we got up bright and early and Julie and I went to Rockport with my mother, sister, aunt and cousin. We wandered and had lunch and puttered. I got a gorgeous pram for Julie, one of this old fashioned princess baby carriages and she sleeps in it so beautifully. We stopped by Salem for a while, poked around the stores there too. The weather was beautiful and it was such a great day. Julie is still so tiny, so she didn’t have the loveliest of times, she didn’t like being in the car for that long. Plus her preferred nursing schedule is really to nurse for about fifteen or twenty minutes on one side, go to sleep, and do the whole thing again an hour later on the other side. Which isn’t a problem, because I’m at home with her, but when we’re out and about, it’s a tough schedule to keep going. But we managed, she slept so well in the sling, she loves being close to me.

Sunday – we puttered around the house all morning, doing laundry and cleaning. With three kids, the house is in shambles pretty much non-stop. Constant vigilance, that’s what’s required to keep a house clean with small children and quite honestly, I don’t practice it. I clean in a mad flurry and then take several hours off from cleaning. Which means that my next cleaning flurry is busy, busy, busy because the house is destroyed from the several hours that I went to the park, or read a book or nursed or cooked or did whatever it is that I do all day. I’ve got some major laundry issues right now, one of my pet peeves is dirty laundry (also dirty dishes bug me). So I wash, wash, wash, but folding and putting it all away is a task that I frequently decide can wait. As a result, my entire dining room is awash with clean clothes…

Went to dinner last night with Marc’s extended family – and Julie was SO good. She played “pass the baby” and was a little angel girl the whole time. When we got to the restaurant, I sat in the car and nursed her for a while, changed her and popped her into the sling. She slept thru dinner, and then woke up just in time to see everyone. It was so sweet – my kids were the only little ones there, so there was a lot of attention and baby cooing going on. I love that they’ve got such a big extended family that dotes on them.

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