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May 21

cute Sammy stories

Sam will almost always wear clothes now – although he does LOVE being naked, and will frequently claim that his little penis needs fresh air :-). But when he does get dressed, he almost always puts his underwear and shirts on backwards. I point it out to him every time, and each time, he calmly explains that it’s “backwards day.” And then tries to convince me to go along with it and put my clothes on backwards as well. I almost never do 🙂 I’ve given up on trying to get him to change, and just accepted that there’s probably a bunch of people in Worcester who honestly believe I’m an idiot because my three year old is frequently walking around with his shoes on the wrong feet (because he likes it that way) and his shirts on backwards.

Last night, we were trying to get ready to go out shopping (got a new cordless phone with two handsets, so I can actually answer the phone now if you call when I’m nursing the girl) and I told him to go put on his shoes. He said he wanted to wear his spiderman shoes, his sneakers. I lobbied for his sandals or crocs because they’re easier to put on, but he was adamant that he wanted the sneaks. So I told him to go pick out socks. I’ve fallen way behind on matching socks (not that it’s ever really a high priority for me) and have just resigned myself to keeping them all in a box and having the kids pick thru to find a pair when they need them. Sam went to the box, picked out a Buzz Lightyear sock and a blue Barbie sock belonging to Jessica. He came back into the living room where I was nursing Julie and started putting them on. I suggested that maybe he get TWO Buzz socks, why not wear matching socks once in a while, right? But then he explained that he wanted to “switch it up” and wear two different ones. He further explained that because his sister was wearing flip flops, all of her socks were sad, but “Super Sammy” was going to fix it and wear one of hers to alleviate their grief over not being utilized. I was impressed not only with his mastery of language (he literally said “switch it up”), but also with his empathy for the neglected socks and his impression of himself as Super Sammy, fixer of hurt sock feelings. Feel as though I’m doing a nice job raising him 🙂

Jess has started packing her own lunch to go to school. Sadly, with only a few weeks left of school, I have FINALLY realized that she’s more than capable of doing it herself, and more importantly, likes doing it and will eat the food if she puts it in there. Not that she packs anything differently than I do, but for some reason, she’ll eat it if she does it. So now every night, she packs her own lunch. Saves me a ton of time and aggravation, all I have to do it scrawl a note to her telling her to have a sunshiney day and that I love her. This morning, I was trapped on the chair, nursing, and didn’t even do that, Marc did. She’s not as fond of his notes, his handwriting is hard for her to read :-). She’s getting so big, all of a sudden, her legs are suddenly super long and she’s so much taller.

In other news… have some family stuff percolating, but I need to think more about it before I can blog about it, I’m not sure yet how I feel… I’m going out tomorrow to Rockport and Salem with my sister and mother, bestest cousin and her mother and of course, the baby girl child. Very much looking forward to it – I’m bringing my sling, but with five adoring women there, don’t expect to be able to put Julie into it, she’ll spend the day being passed back and forth 🙂 And have to state again – THANK GOODNESS that she’s nursing so well, it’s simple and painfree and so easy now.

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