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May 12

Can I reschedule Mother’s Day? Do I get a “do over”

Yesterday was just kind of crappy. Not entirely sure why…. it started out nice enough. Marc got up, made coffee, did the dishes, all of which was wonderful… then my mother in law cancelled coming over here for brunch. Which was good in a way, because then I could relax about cleaning up, but we had gotten Lilli and Sarah over to see her. Then Jessie threw her first temper tantrum of the day because we had to bring the girls back… and we were off and running. She just had a miserable day, mostly. She was pleasant enough with my mother, we went over there for the afternoon, but Marc was really distant and weird all afternoon, Sam was a complete koala baby, I think he was afraid that I’d up and leave him again, so he demanded that I hold him all day long. Jess was just nasty and mean, yelling at me and being all around wretched.

But ah – today is glorious Monday, and all is well in my world. Kids are cute, Jessie stayed home from school today (she had such a crappy weekend I figured she needed a day to recover, plus she was complaining about her allergies) and Sam is cute as a bug – I got him a Thomas the Train t-shirt on Friday, and no lie, he’s had it on every day since. I pry it off of him occasionally to wash it, but he’s literally screaming at me while I do it, and mourns it’s loss the entire time it’s being laundered. Marc just picked up Jess to get her cast checked out, it’s really loose, so I’m hoping that they give her a new one, or just pronounce her wrist 100% healed 🙂

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