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May 08

Almost there….

God, it’s been a long week. And this weekend is going to be absolute lunacy, not that most of our weekends are crazy, but this one is a little excessive. Tomorrow, I have to get up, grab all the library books (there are thousands) and the dry cleaning, drop off Jess at preschool, Marc and work. Hit the library, Target to get a gift for Jessie’s friend’s party on Saturday, and the dry cleaners. Grab Jess, go home, babysit for a friend’s three little boys while making challah, after they leave, I load up Jess and Sam in the pouring rain, pick up Lilli and Sarah at the JCC, come home, finish making dinner, host Shabbat dinner with all four kids, plus Janet and Company. Lilli and Sarah are spending the night, I have to bring Jess to dance, drop the girls off, drop Jessie off at Annie’s house, drop Sammy off at my sisters and go to Beverly for Greg’s party. Then pick them all up (except for the girls) and come back home. Sunday, we’ll do Mother’s Day – which for us is trekking back and forth between Yvonne’s and my mother’s house. I’m tired just typing it.

Kids are both well – Jess is a little whiney, but I think she does it for her own amusement half hte time. Sam is well – pissed that I haven’t taken him outside yet (he keeps pointing to the window and screaming “SIDE”) but I have one too many babies to fit in my stroller or wagon, so he’s going to have to wait until Harrison gets picked up.

On a side note – I’m taking the kids to the ice cream truck for dinner – because there’s not a chance in hell I’m dirtying any more dishes today.

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