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Aug 24

Catching up…

My last post, I think, was just before Marc took the girls on the annual Father/Daughter camping trip. My computer was attacked by an odd virus, and I couldn’t connect to the internet at all… and I’ve got so much to say 🙂

– The camping trip went great, from what I understand. This year, Marc went with our oldest three, plus Arlen and Jordyn, and John and Glennys. The kids had a blast, the guys all had fun too – I love this tradition :-). Because it’s not just a Father/Kid camping trip – whichever sex isn’t going gets to stay home with me and get some quality alone time as well. Sam and I went out for a long walk, with Julianna asleep in the carriage, and then out for chinese food.

– We got the kitty neutered – Franklin is doing great. He’s still kind of an outdoor/indoor cat – I’d rather he be inside all the time, but where he’s so used to being outside, I don’t want to imprison him, so if he’s determined to let him out, I let him outside. He doesn’t go anywhere, he mostly just stays in the yard. He’s a little bit of an attention slut – in that he’ll snuggle up to anyone who appears mildly interested. And even if you don’t appear all that interested. But on the upside, he’s super friendly and eager to be loved, and that’s what counts. The kids are getting MUCH better with him – initially,they were both terrified of him, but they’re gradually softening and relaxing around him.

– I let Jessica go to the store. By herself. For the first time ever. And I was TERRIFIED. We live about a five minute walk from Honey Farms, and it’s straight road. We’ve been practicing all summer, with her walking on the opposite side of the street, and farther and farther ahead of me. She’s very careful and responsible, always looking both ways. And one day last week, I was brave and bold and just let her go. I gave her phone and let her go to the store all by herself. She was SO proud of herself. This was a major milestone for both of us.

– Julianna is so enormously big. She’s fitting into twelve months clothes already – way bigger than my other two babies were. Both Jess and Sam fit into exactly what they were supposed to, when they were two months, they wore 0-3 months, when they were four months, it was 3-6 months clothes. And they both did that all the way thru that first year. But Julie is growing so fast – she’ll be four months on the 29th, and I’m constantly amazed at how big she’s gotten. She’s holding her head up all the time now, and loves to stand up on my lap. Nursing is seamless now – and she’s sleeping mostly thru the night.

– Samilicious is so excited about starting preschool and I’m so wistful about my big boy. It’s so soon, I think, and I’m not ready to let him go off into the world yet.

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