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Aug 24

Julianna Ruth at four months

Not that she’s there yet – but she’s getting so big and so beautiful – and has already grown up so fast. I love this age – I know I say that about all ages, but four months is just super fun. She’s smiling all the time, loves nothing more than to be plopped down in her purple bouncy seat in the middle of the kids playing. She kicks and chews on her little pig teether or her rings. She’s bigger than my other two at this point – it’s like she’s so eager to get big enough to play with them that she’s growing faster than they did :-). She’s pushing up on her hands when I lay her down on her belly and loves to stand up on my lap. I keep wanting to beg her to slow down, just a little, let me enjoy having a tiny infant a little longer before she hurtles herself into babyhood.

She’s watching us more and more when we’re eating, getting more and more interested in food. I haven’t fed her anything yet, but can see it happening sooner rather than later. She’s still nursing every hour, or hour and a half during the day, and sleeps thru the night from about nine or nine thirty until five or six in the morning. Napping is still hit or miss, sometimes she’s great at it, and sometimes she’ll only sleep when she’s at the breast.

She loves her daddy – and again, much earlier than the other two. Jess didn’t pay much attention to Marc until she was a toddler, and I distinctly remember Sam falling in love with Marc at about six or seven months. But Julie spends her mornings with her daddy, I stagger out of bed, drop her onto his lap and then sit with coffee for a while, and every night, she falls asleep when he rocks her to bed. She loves her big sisters and her brother, smiles when they come near.

She’s such a perfect addition to the family – I can’t imagine us without her.

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