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Apr 14

Checking in

Haven’t posted in a while, it’s been kind of busy lately. Let’s see… Friday, I went up to my aunt’s house, my cousin, his wife and their daughter came over. My cousin just got out of the air force and it was the first time I’d seen them in about a year. The kids were so cute together, and I’m always happy to see my cousin and his wife. Plus my aunt – I’ve opted out of a lot of family drama lately with my siblings, so it was extra good to spend time with people that I still really liked :-).

Friday night, we usually try to do Shabbat dinner, but since I had been gone all day, all we had time for was beans/hot dogs. Which is, of course, Jessie’s favorite meal anyway, but I bought a loaf of challah and we lit candles and did the blessings anyway. Then I didn’t do any clean up, but hung out with my husband and kids, we all slept in the same bed and it was lovely. I really love Friday nights.

Saturday, we brought the girl to dance class, then I went to my mother in laws to bake. I had put Sammy down for a nap before I left, but it didn’t last long, and he woke up hysterical. Screaming and crying, Marc called me twice, asking when I was coming home. The poor boy is just so used to Mommy 24/7 that when I’m not around, he’s lost. Once I got home, we took all four kids down to Elm Park. It was gorgeous outside, and we had the best time. Until right before we left, when Lilli starting whining and Sarah started crying… then we came home, Marc made dinner and I sat outside with Sam, letting him pretend to drive the van (his very favorite). My father in law came over for dinner, and we had cake for Lilli’s birthday.

Sunday – we went to McDonald’s for breakfast and then to Target to shop for Lilli’s gift. Then we went to the YMCA, where I discovered that I hadn’t packed Jessie’s suit, so we left (sadly, I was so disappointed about not swimming) and went grocery shopping instead. Then Marc took Jess to Snip It’s for Lilli’s friend party, and Sam took a three and a half hour nap while I cleaned. Then we all went back to the Y and went swimming. Then to the Chinese Buffet and back home for bed.

I really love our weekends.

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