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Apr 16

Good morning :-)

Having a lovely morning, over all. After the fiasco on Monday, Jessie, I think, learned her lesson and danced off to preschool pretty cheerfully. Monday – she threw an absolute fit, screaming, yelling and crying – she didn’t want to go. Marc was livid, not only was she making him late for work, but he didn’t want her to think that going to school was a choice she could make, it’s a requirement. Not an option – you go. Not negotiable – however, when she’s screaming and yelling, it did seem as though she was going to win. We couldn’t drag her to school and leave her there frantic (although I’m pretty sure Marc wanted to). She ended up sitting on the living room couch for two and a half hours, no television and little to no interaction.

I’m queasy this morning – and was last night as well. Every time I’m a little queasy, I immediately assume I’m pregnant and then extrapolate out, figure out the due date, etc. Remind me again that the IUD has a 99% success rate, plus I’m still nursing, and it’s way too early for me to be even feeling morning sickness… I recognize the craziness of it, but still do it anyway 🙂 I’m starting to think I’m ready for another baby – not really, not yet, but I can feel the stirrings of the desire. I still think Sam is too young, I’d rather wait another year and then start trying – but I’m starting to crave having a tiny baby of mine in my arms. Sam’s babyhood was so rough – I’d like to do it again, partly because I’ve blocked out most of the first couple of months of Sammy. I just remember constant crying – today, Skip was talking about the scar on Jessie’s forehead, and I remembered taking her in for stitches, and Sam was just screaming and crying… Purim last year, he was screaming and screaming. The Jewish holidays at Nan’s – just having him cry and fuss the whole time… he’s such an angel boy now, it’s hard to reconcile the images of the lunatic crying machine with my earnest, happy-go-lucky little cherub 🙂

Not too much going on today – many babies here today, so I’m stuck inside, mostly. I could take them out and play in the yard, or in the driveway, but can’t reasonably take three toddlers to the park without another adult here to help. As grown up as my girl is – she’s still only five, and doesn’t really count as another chaperone 😉

Speaking of grown up – JESSIE HAS HER FIRST OFFICIAL LOOSE TOOTH! Very excited about that, but nowhere near as thrilled as my girl is. She’s been waiting for this for months, pretending that it was loose long before it actually was. But she had me check earlier, and it actually is loose. Can you believe it? When did she get that big?

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