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Jun 24

Chess and my Grandpa

I was my grandfather’s favorite grandchild.  (Which, incidentally, is one of the reasons that I don’t get bogged down in worrying about whether or not my children’s grandparents have a favorite – I think it’s perfectly normal and wonderful – Jessie is, hands down, my MIL’s favorite and I think that it’s sweet and lovely for both of them.  They love all the kids, but Jess loves them more and they spend more time with her).  One of the things that my grandfather always, always did with me was play chess.  He had two gorgeous chess sets, one of them was engraved with his name on one side and mine on the other.  I didn’t get that set (long sad story) when he passed away, but I do have the other wooden set.

Sam LOVES playing chess with me.  He’s not yet five, and obviously far too young to be doing it on his own, but he really, really enjoys it.  We play every day when Julianna goes down for her nap, and thus far, I really play for both of us and let him win, but he’s learning, faster than I would have anticipated.

Every time I set up the chess set, I think of Grandpa and miss him a little more.  I’m so grateful for my relationship with him – and wish that Samuel Earl could have had that kind of bond with him.

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