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Jun 26

I’ve got three kids

Not two kids and a baby – but three actual kids.  Julianna has passed that indefinable milestone, where she’s not a baby anymore.  She’s still a toddler, but more than that, she’s a kid.  It’s not that she’s walking, because she isn’t.  It’s not that she’s talking, because she’s still not really doing that either.  It’s that, more often than not, she’s able to be grouped in with the other two.  I feed them all together, they play together, she’s one of them now.  Even now, all three kids are busy in the living room.  Jessie is eating her cereal (on the couch, which she shouldn’t be doing) and commenting periodically on it.  Sam is puttering with his new army guys (God bless Savers, because I bought them for a dollar yesterday) and Jules is crawling around, playing with the remote (she flicked off the television earlier) and is very content.

It used to be that she always required attention.  She was either sleeping or in my arms, or I was carefully supervising her in someone else’s arms.  But now… she’s on her own, more and more.  She’s a big girl, she’s got opinions and wants and has no problem communicating her needs.

It’s an odd feeling, when suddenly you realize that your baby isn’t a baby anymore….

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