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Jan 30

craptastic morning, after a craptastic weekend…

Sometimes, all is not delightful.  Sometimes, it’s just crappy.  Not awful, not tragic, just craptastic.  We were all sick for the past week and a half, one at a time, culminating in Jessie getting strep throat.  Julianna was the only healthy one, and I fear that I may be wrong in saying that she escaped unscathed.  Because she was up at four o’clock, running a fever, with a drippy nose.  She was pretty miserable yesterday too.  Actually, Sam was kind of wretched yesterday.  All in all, we’re all kind of in crappy moods and unhappy.  Which is why I probably shouldn’t be blogging, because really, who wants to read about my  misery?

In other news – we all seem to be kind of getting better, and I feel like spring is coming.  Granted, it’s because we’re having the oddest sort of winter, with one good storm at the end of October, and nothing since then.   I’m embarking on a new food program, I’m introducing one new meal a week to the kids, and taking over grocery shopping.  Of course, Marc just went out and bought a bunch of craptastic food, so I can’t start it for a week or so (see, this is why I shouldn’t blog bitchy). 

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