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Jan 27

Sick, sick and more sick

I’m obviously a big fan of breastfeeding your children, for as long as they need it.  Another bonus to nursing your toddler is that they really do tend to stay healthier than children who are not nursing.  Anecdotal evidence, sure, but it’s been the case, time and time again, when my older two will be sick, sick, sick, and Julianna will breeze thru with just a bit of a runny nose.  It was the same thing when Sam was younger, he was never actually sick until he stopped nursing.

Last weekend, I started with a cold.  I was pretty miserable Friday and Saturday, but by Sunday, was definitely on the mend.  Just in time for my poor Samilicious Boy to come down with a stomach bug.  Fortunately, he never threw up, but was down with a fever and body aches Sunday and Monday and a good part of Tuesday.  He got better, cue Marc coming down with it.  Marc started puking Thursday night and was home all day on Wednesday.  Got better just in time for Jess to spike a high fever and start complaining of a sore throat.  It’s Friday morning and the kid hasn’t gotten out of bed or eaten anything since Wednesday night, so we’ve got an appointment this afternoon with the doctor.  And thru the whole thing, Julianna has been her cheerful, healthy self, a bit of a runny nose, but overall, she’s the healthiest one of all. 

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