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Apr 27

Day 6 for Sam, Day 3 for Julie

And the puking continues…

In other news – at least the weekend is here.  Not that I’ll be doing much of anything, since kids are puking, but it’s got to be almost over, right?

The thing is, about five minutes before and after puking, the kids are actually sick.  They moan, they sit still, they aren’t feeling good.  The rest of the time, they’re running around like lunatics, totally happy and completely not sick.  But I can’t go anywhere or do anything, can’t send them to school or go grocery shopping or go visit  my mother or go to the library – because technically, they’re sick.

So I’ll be grateful for the little things.  Like a lot of buckets, and kids who mostly hit the buckets when they puke.  For Jessie who only threw up that one time.  For not having to worry about dehydration and actual illness, because other than the puking, these are healthy, happy kids. For not coming down with it myself.

All these are good.

But if you’re looking for me, I’ll be home.  Here.  Emptying buckets and doing laundry.  Like I have been for six days now.

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