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Apr 26

ongoing stomach bug saga

Julie puked up everything yesterday. I didn’t really make the connection until she threw up all over the couch last night, because apparently, I’m not all that quick – either that, or I’m so used to vomit, I just don’t pick up on any kind of pattern to it anymore. She threw up in the car on the way home from dropping off the kids in the morning, then threw up on the way home from picking up the girl. On the upside – her car seat is SUPER clean, having been scrubbed thoroughly twice in one day. Finishing up with a massive throwing up extravaganza all over the couch. She then woke up at midnight and threw up the remainder of the beans/hot dogs (yum). So I’m not feeding her anymore – she can hold down breastmilk, but solid food, not so much. Which is another plug for nursing, at least I know she won’t get dehydrated, because she can definitely hold that down. The obvious downside is that it’s not a lot of fun to nurse a two year old nonstop when it’s her only source of sustenance.

Sam was fine all day, blissful and rambunctious, and then woke up around one thirty or so, and threw up for an hour or so. Good times here at the Cohen household. As per usual, he’s bopping around the house, humming a football at Julie, trying to teach her to catch. Julie is doing her best, but the fact that she keeps closing her eyes when the ball comes at her hinders her, I’ll be honest. Although it’s is a little amusing to realize that she’s completely inherited my athletic ability.

I talked to my new best friend Chris, at the doctor’s office, and he said it’s okay to not bring them in to be seen. Especially because there’s NO other symptoms, no fever, they are not dehydrated and really, both the kids are bopping around the house, blissful, active and happy. Except for when they’re puking. It just sounds like a stomach bug that’ll work it’s way out. This is the oddest bug – because there are NO other symptoms, just occasional vomit.

My mommy instincts are reassured by the fact that all of my kids have this, to one degree or another. And it’s not debilitating at all – they aren’t feeling sick, aren’t dehydrated, etc. Just occasionally, they’ll projectile vomit. Irritating, but not that big a deal.

I also think it’s lovely that I haven’t caught it all. I think it’s only fair, given that I had to puke my way thru all three of their pregnancies – I don’t have to puke when they get the stomach bug. Not proof of a benevolent diety, exactly. Divine justice, maybe?

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