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Feb 15

Diabetes and Valentines Day

And Jessica’s “friend” party and my first girl day in a long time… VERY busy couple of days here…

Thursday night, Marc went to the doctor’s. He came home early and I, of course, assumed he’d been laid off. His company has been in the process of shaking things up, and when I heard the car pull up and watched him get out and trudge upstairs, I assumed the worst. Which is a really bad habit of mine in many ways, but on the other hand, I’m frequently so relieved when whatever I’m assuming is happening, isn’t, that’s it’s not too bad. Anyway… so he came home sick, and actually made a doctor’s appointment for that night in Urgent Care. Four hours later, I get a phone call from him, and he told me that he’s been diagnosed with Type II Diabetes. Marc’s adopted – so we have no idea about his medical history. He’s really young for this – and while he’s definitely carrying more weight than he should be, he’s in fantastic shape, working out all the time and he eats healthier than anyone I know. So it was a huge thing – and I think we both freaked out at first. We went to the doctor’s together Friday morning and have been diligently working on getting the sugar number down (well, he’s been working – the man is eating a ridiculous amount of celery). He’s not on insulin, and so far, the sugar has decreased from over four hundred to about 230 something – so he’s making lots of progress there.

The more research I’ve done, the less panicked I am about it. It’s going to mean a pretty major change in the way he looks at food, and the way I cook and the way we feed the kids – but Marc’s always been really disciplined and focused when it comes to doing things he knows he has to – so I know he’ll put the work and the effort into it. And mostly, what I feel is just relief. Thank God, if he had to get something – if one of us had to get something – it was this. Because you can live a LONG healthy life with this. It’s entirely in his control, he just has to do the work with diet and exercise, and I know that he can, and more importantly, he will do it. But I worry about him – this diagnosis has thrown him for a loop in a lot of ways, and I hate to see him struggling with it. I know he’ll be fine, I know that he’ll handle it better than anyone – but I still hate the thought of him feeling vulnerable and scared.

Saturday was Valentines Day – and at some point, when I’m struggling for a post topic – I’ll write the story of the first couple of months that Marc and I were together. We met on Valentine’s Day – and meeting him changed it from my least favorite day of the year (really, a whole day to make me feel like crap for being single is excessive) to my all time favorite. Our wedding anniversary is in October, but we never really do anything for that – it’s Valentine’s Day that’s our day – seven years. I’m very proud – and happy to report that I like him just as much today as I did when we met. I love him, of course, but he’s legitimately my buddy – he’s my go-to guy, the person I most want to be with. And I’m very happy that he’s still my best friend.

We had Jessie’s friend party on Saturday as well – and that went exceedingly well, I think. It was at a magic shop – and the magician did a forty five minute show (that I missed entirely because Sam planted his little heels and insisted “My not going in dere!” and ended up nursing to sleep. But I had a lovely little mommy type conversation with a friend of mine (who was also out nursing her boy – granted he’s about eighteen months younger than Sam) so all in all, it was a good day for me.

I went out today. By myself. For several hours. And it was delightful. I listened to the radio with the music up exceedingly high, bought several lovely little things, including a toy for Jess, one for Sam, some beef jerky for Marc, slippers and a new bag for me. And met Becky and my mother for lunch and a movie. I feel like an actual person instead of just Mommy. It was again, delightful. I have to do that more often 🙂

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