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Feb 12

Turns out fairies didn’t steal the lunchbox

Or if they did, they returned it pretty quickly.

I lost Jessie’s lunchbox this morning. Looked everywhere, it was gone. This happens a lot to me. I lose all kinds of stuff, shoes, hair brushes, cups of coffee, keys, wallets, etc. You name it, I’ve probably put it somewhere safe and subsequently, can’t locate it at all. This drives my poor husband insane, since he never loses anything. Ever.

I’ve made my peace with it. The losing stuff, I mean. I just blithely assume that tiny fairies have snuck in and taken whatever I’ve lost. They almost always return it (except for a can of baked beans that I swear to God I had in the cabinet, but it was gone when I went to use it – that’s never come back). I can tear the house apart looking for something (and have, on numerous occasions because I never seem to lose something unless I really really need it) and it’s just simply… gone. Then a couple of hours (or days, sometimes weeks) later, there it is.

The lunchbox was next to the computer.

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