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Oct 21

Favorite Things Friday – Volume II

1.  On Wednesday (aka The Day Sam Lost His Mind Because of Art), after I dragged him out of the car, and passed him off to two teachers, who then dragged him into class, the school got Jessica out of class and had her come and soothe him.  As awful as that morning was – I was so happy that Sammy knew that his big sister would make him feel safe and that she was capable and ready to step into that role.  I have a whole bunch of issues, personally, around being the oldest of many children, but it was more gratifying than I would have imagined to see my daughter step up to the plate and calm her brother down when none of the adults around him could do it.

2.  Julianna is moving ever closer to being a walker.  She’s standing more and more, taking a step or two at a time.  It may have taken a lot longer than I expected it would, but she’s a glorious walking girl, and I’m very proud.

3.  And in keeping with the kudos to Jessie theme – we kept the kids home today.  It’s a Jewish holiday, Simchat Torah, and we went to the synagogue.  There are some holidays where it’s a no brainer to keep them home, like Rosh Hashana and Yom Kippur, but Marc and I have traditionally gone the celebration at night and skipped the daytime services.  This year, I stayed home with Sam and Julianna, and Marc went with Sarah and Jessie, and then we all went today during the day.  (and by “all,”  I mean, the three kids, Marc and I – Lisa sent Lilli and Sarah to school).  Anyway… Jessie arranged with her teacher to hand in her homework a day late and even asked if she could take her spelling test on Monday as opposed to missing it altogether. VERY adult of my third grader…

4.  My sister is moving!  She’ll still be about twenty minutes away, but she’s getting a place with one of my favorite cousins.  I lived with my cousin for eight years, before Marc and I met, and have the best memories… I’m very happy for her.

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