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Oct 23

Why I hate fruit snacks, sick Jessie, and holy moly – she’s actually walking!!!

Marc took my Samilicious Boy shopping yesterday.  Marc loves quality time alone with a kid, any kid, so he’s always game to bribe them into going shopping with him by letting them pick out a treat at the grocery store.  And my son, God bless him, always, always wants those disgusting sticky fruit things.  Fruit by the Foot, Fruit Roll-ups, Fruit Gushers.  He LOVES them.  But the problem is that once they’re in the house, it’s all he can think about.  They went shopping last night, and he’s already had three sobbing temper tantrums because we refuse to let him eat the entire box.  Sam is oddly easy going about most things – but there are some things that just capture his little mind and he can’t be distracted or dissuaded.  I’m reminded of the art class debacle.  Having decided that art is bad, throwing a huge fit and screaming like he’s being tortured is the only reasonable response.  And knowing that there’s a big ole box of craptastic fruit treats in the cabinet is the only thing he can possibly think about.  There is no distracting him – and I can guarantee that until the box is gone, he’ll ask for one every ten or fifteen minutes until eventually, I’ll just scream – “EAT THEM ALL – DO IT NOW – AND I’M NEVER EVER BUYING THEM AGAIN!!!” and I’ll throw the box at him.  I’d like to pretend that I’ll stay all tough and firm – but in the end, he’ll win, because he’s way more stubborn than I am.   

Jess was home sick yesterday.  Actually sick, which is a rarity here.  Usually, she’s pretending to be sick to get out of doing stuff – or actually, I don’t think she’s consciously pretending – I think she doesn’t like going to school or Hebrew or dance (likes being there, just doesn’t like going), and tricks herself into feeling sick to get out of it.  But yesterday, she was actually sick.   Spent all day in bed.   And as much as I recognize that having a sick child is bad – I was happy that she was in bed and being sick.  She wasn’t just playing me, she really didn’t feel good and spent the whole day in bed.  I felt very good mother-ish, and even made her chicken soup and brought it to her on a tray.  It was a dream come true for her, a whole day spent alone with the Disney Channel.

Julianna is actually walking.  For real, this time.  I know I’ve been saying for a while that she’s on the verge of it, but she’s really doing it.  She isn’t walking for long stretches – it’s not like she’s walking from the living room down to the bedroom or anything.  But she’s on her feet more often than not – and she’s absolutely delighted with herself about it.

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