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Dec 27

First snowfall

It’s finally here, the first official blizzard of 2010.  And I just shipped Marc, Jess and Sam outside to shovel, shove snow down Marc’s pants and build a snowman.  Julianna and I are happily warm, hanging in the living room.  I’ve got a turkey pot pie bubbling in the oven, Jules is playing with Sam’s blocks and Toy Story 2 is still on the television.

In the end, I had a really nice Christmas.  Although I think next year, we’ll do it differently.  Again.  I missed going to my mother’s house.  And since it didn’t work out the way that I hoped it would for her, I don’t think there’s much to be gained by staying home.  Next year, my plan is to make a big fantastic special breakfast, and then we’ll head down to Mom’s after lunch. 

Jessica got a CD player for her bedroom, as well as a bunch of CD’s.  And her life is now completely changed, as she’s suddenly a tweener, playing her music as loud as she can and wailing along with Taylor Swift about how life is when you’re fifteen.  It’s so bizzare to me, and really inspired me to reflect on the differences between mothering all of my children.

They range in age from almost eight years old to almost eight months old.  And the skills and techniques needed for one are completely different from the ones needed for the other.  And the third requires a whole other set.  Jess is becoming her own person – forming her own identity and personality and relationships independent of me.  She’s forming ideas about the kind of life she’s going to lead, really developing into her own.  Sam is still little in so many ways, but on the brink of so much more.  And Julianna… she’s in the throes of separation anxiety, almost doing everything, talking, walking, etc. 

In many ways – Sam’s the easiest for me right now.  His needs are easy to meet, he’s potty trained, sleeps on his own, feeds himself – but is still little.  He doesn’t want (or really seem to need) much more than just having Marc and I around.  He’s all love and emotion, but it’s simple stuff.  He’s becoming more aware of subleties, like if I’m irritated he’ll ask why, and he’s gaining more control over his temper tantrums.  He’s maturing, but still little.

Julianna is still a baby, and just requires so much more.  She’s eating solids and sipping water and juice, but breastfeeding still makes up at least 80% of her diet.  And it’s probably higher than that – she’s into feeding herself now, and still hasn’t completely mastered actually keeping the food in her mouth.  Marc says that while it’s not a waste of time or effort to feed her, it is a total waste of food, because almost all of it ends up piled up in her lap, under her chin and on the floor.  She’s says “Mama” now and she’s got the prettiest smile, her whole face just lights up when she sees me. 

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