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Dec 22

Sudafed and Christmas

That’s pretty much where my mind is these days.  I’ve got a sinus infection, but so far, it seems to be going away when I take a Claritin D.  The sudafed in the medication makes me all floaty and weird, but it’s not an unpleasant feeling.  Just a little disorienting.  Anyway – I’ve been floating off and on for about three days now (when I’m not floating, I’m bitchy and in pain), and I’m starting to really enjoy it. 

Plans are moving forward for my super cool Christmas celebration.  I’m doing my own thing this year for Christmas, seeing my mom and step dad on Christmas Eve instead of during the day on Christmas.  There are a couple of different reasons, it’ll make things easier all around for everyone if I’m notably absent on Christmas Day, and I also like the thought of starting my own traditions and having my own holiday celebration.  It’s a nice way to make Marc feel more a part of Christmas, if it’s something we do together as opposed to something that we do with just my side of the family.  So he’s got big plans to make some sort of alcoholic beverage, glogg, and I’ve got a 20lb turkey screaming out my name.  We’ve got friends coming over too, and I’m really excited about it.

We keep Christmas relatively low-key, gift wise.  The kids get so much stuff from Hanukkah that, to a certain extent, it’s just logical not to overload them with stuff.  Plus, I’m a big proponent of the less is more theory when it comes to kids gifts (not that you would know that from looking at my downstairs playroom – but in my defense, we’ve got big extended families and I’ve got a total inability to say no to hand me down toys).  So we got each kid a nice gift, and I’ll stuff their stockings with stuff and that’ll be that. 

In other news… let’s see.  Miss Jess danced off to school delightedly this morning – granted, it was entirely because she was toting sixty plus sugar cookies for the cookie decorating party today.  If every day could be cookie decorating day, her life would be a lot more fun.  At least in the short term.  Sam is boucing around the house, and Julianna is having a little peach yogurt with Daddy.  She’s eating solids about three times a day now.  And I can’t believe that she’s almost eight months. 

Marc and I have big plans for an official date in January.  It occurs to me that this is our first real date since last January.  That’s not good.  But honestly, Marc and I spend a lot of time together, and we really do like each other an awful lot, beyond being in love.  We may not get a lot of alone time, but I still feel like we’re as happy as we’ve ever been – and we operate with a pretty high threshold of contentment :-).  Not everyone has what we have, and I never lose sight of that.  We work hard at staying connected, maintaining our relationship, independent of being co-parents, and so far, I’d have to say that we’re wicked good at it.

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