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Mar 23


Normally, I’m pretty sunshiney happy, but today is not going well. I’ve got a ton of cleaning because I wasn’t home over the weekend, and both my kids are miserable and overtired after a busy couple of days.

Friday night was Shabbat, and it went very well. My father in law came over, we had a nice dinner, the kids were loud, chaotic and someone upended a salad all over Jessie’s bed. So I stayed up late cleaning, postponing bedtime. But the floors were vacuumed, the bed was cleaned out and remade, and I got all the dishes done.

Saturday we went to services in the morning, then had to yank the girls out of Hebrew School to accomodate Lilli’s dance class. Marc’s ex signed her up for Saturday dance class, and of course, never takes her, so we’re constantly having to rush out of the synagogue to drop her off. Then we went to the library, picked up Sam and Glennys from Annie’s house and went to my sister’s house. We had dinner there, and it was again, lovely. I always like going anywhere other than here for dinner (no cooking and no dishes). Got home late (again) and put the kids right to bed.

Sunday, I took Jess with me to Boston for the day to attend the American Baby Expo. We signed up for all kinds of free stuff, and had a really nice time. Marc was here with Lilli, Sarah, Glennys and Sam – and here’s where the problem comes in. For reasons that I still don’t understand (despite numerous conversations where Marc has tried to explain it to me) when I’m not here, it’s simply impossible to keep the kids from destroying my house. I came home to a sink filled with dishes, six loads of laundry (at least), a dining room table covered in dishes, toys, empty food containers and toys tossed every which way with no rhyme or reason to any of it.

And this morning was just yucky – Sam is overtired and cranky, we had to drag Jess kicking and screaming out the door to school and I’ve been cleaning all morning and am not even close to being done. I’m frustrated and tired.

Check back tomorrow for more sunshiney happiness and joy. Right now, I’m just resentful, angry, and overwhelmed with cleaning.

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