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Mar 25

Hurricane Jess

We’ve been struggling with school issues and emotional drama all over the place. Jessie has started really disliking school and crying (screaming hysterically sometimes) at the prospect of going. We’re trying to figure out what the problem is, and as far as I can tell, she’s just really, really serious about the little playground politics that go on. This friend broke up with another one, this boy thinks she’s adorable, a founding member of the Tinkerbelle Lunchbox Club (Jess is the other founding member) has started brown bagging it. I’ve been stalking her teacher and the guidance counsellor to try and figure out the root of her misery and what, if anything, we can do to make this kid like going to school. She’s doing fine academically, excelling even. And behaviorly, she’s a ‘model student.’ But… the tears.

Jess is just a really emotionally intense kid. Be it joy or misery, whatever it is, she likes to throw herself wholeheartedly into it. And this morning was so very nice, because she woke up cheerful, ate three bowls of cereal, got dressed, let me put up her hair and actually went outside to practice her dance routine before school. It was fabulous. She was cheerful, happy, interested in everything. Why can’t every day be just like this?

Sam is still asleep, and my house is, per usual, in shambles. Off to do dishes and laundry…

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