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Feb 04

Good Samaritans

I hate driving in the snow. I just do – and I hate it extra because I live in Worcester. I’m not certain if Worcester roads are worse than all the surrounding towns, or if it just feels that way.

It took me two hours to drop my oldest two off at school today. They go to different schools, across the city from one another, and it normally takes me about a half hour. Today, two hours.

I got stuck on June Street, when a giant white van pulled out of a side street in front of me. I tried to stop, but the roads were so slippery, the brakes did nothing. I don’t think I was going faster than ten or fifteen miles an hour (because I FREAKING hate driving in the ice), but I still couldn’t stop. Given the choice between slamming into the van or the snowbank, I went with snowbank. Which was totally the right decision, but it still meant that I was totally stuck. In a snowbank. With three kids in the car.

I put on the hazards, and got out. No idea what I thought I’d be able to do, but I trekked around the car, thru the snowbank and looked at the car. Got back in the car, put on the hazards and started frantically trying to get a hold of my husband or ANYONE who could come with a shovel and try and get me out of the snowbank. I tried rocking the car back and forth, trying to calm down the kids – one of whom was completely freaked out and begging me to go home (as if I could go anywhere…).

But before I could get a hold of anyone, I realized that someone had stopped. With a shovel. And then someone else stopped. With another shovel. And they shoveled me out, pushed me out, directed traffic so that I could pull out, and then sent me on my way. I’m so sorry that I was so frazzled and frustrated, because I didn’t get their names. But the two guys that I think of as Orange Coat Guy and Grey Coat Guy – please know that I’m so grateful, and that you absolutely saved me this morning.

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