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Apr 08

Guess who’s not in labor???

That’d be me. I’m trying – if wishful thinking counted for anything, this baby would have been born a week ago. I went in yesterday for my weekly appointment, and I’m a good two centimeters (whereas last week, I was sort of, maybe, a wishy-washy two) and her head is definitely down and engaged. Cindy said it was a big change from last week, so these constant contractions are definitely doing something. She did a, shall we say, vigorous internal exam, and apologized for hurting me, but said that it would help get the baby out. I suggested since she was in there and could feel the head anyway, why not grab it and give a yank. And I think she did. I asked about when to go in, and she said that I should call whenever I think I’m actually going into labor, that with the third baby, there’s no telling how fast it’ll go, and where I’ve got a previous c-section, they pay a little extra attention to me, just in case. Even though Sam’s VBAC went smoothly, it’s still a concern to have had one in the past.

I’m putting, trying to keep my house constantly in order and organized, so that someone could come in at a moments notice and take over when I go into the hospital. The kids will be staying here, and my friend Annie is going to come and watch them while I’m in actual labor at the hospital.

Am planning on walking a lot today – just to see what I can get going. I know she’s not due until the end of the month, but it just feels like it’s time. The idea of going all the way thru April and into May is absurd to me. So we’ll see… I’ll be 37 weeks tomorrow, and am so ready to hold my baby girl.

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