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Apr 06

A book, a buck, and a note

That’s how we handle the tooth fairy in our house. Her name is Marigold, and her brother’s name is Eagle Feather (strangely enough). And our tooth fairy is very, very smart, and she knows that our kids are also very, very smart, so she doesn’t give out a lot of money, she gives out books and a note telling them how proud she is, making special mention of their recent good behavior, and a dollar just because. She also, in case you were wondering, celebrates both Passover and Easter.

Jess did lose her tooth yesterday at school and was thrilled to death when she came home. Marc ran to Barnes and Nobles on the way home and picked up a book I would never have chosen, it’s a Richard Scary Word Book, but he was so happy about it, I just went with it. And our night was filled with anticipation, as we wrote the note to Marigold, Jessie was very concerned about whether or not she should ask Marigold if she had a good Easter or a good Passover. So that’s how we decided that she celebrates EVERYTHING because really, a tooth fairy should celebrate everything, I think.

In other news – no baby yet. I did walk for a while yesterday with the kids and had a bunch of good contractions, but they petered out and then I was just left in agony – my hips were KILLING me. My next appt is tomorrow, so I’m hoping that I’ve dilated a little more and with any luck, my water will just break any minute now and we’ll have a baby 🙂 I’m so ready for her, got the swing, got the car seat, got the going home outfit, got the bouncy seat. I just need the girl child.

Samilicious woke up ridiculously early this morning, so wish me luck later. A Sam with no sleep is no fun 🙁

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