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Oct 11

Guest Entry from Jessica

All about Me

This story is all about me.  Yes, that’s right, me.  Jessica.  I am seven years old.  I live on Avalon Place, but not for long.  I’m moving to a new house soon.  I have two big sisters.  And a little one too.  And a little brother.  My biggest sister’s name is Lilli.  She is eleven.  I have a baby sister, she is five months old.  And I have another older sister.  Her name is Sarah, she is nine.  My brother is four.  My dad is forty one and my mom is thirty six.  I like to read and play on the computer.  My favorite website is Y8.com.  I climbed Mt. Wachusett on October 10, 2010.  I had a blast going up, but it wasn’t so fun going down.  I have an American Girl doll, she’s Rebecca Rubin.  And she’s Jewish, just like my dad’s side.  But my mom’s side is witches.  Me and my family have a blast together.

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