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Oct 12

Lots to talk about…

Hmmm – where to begin?  First, let me just state for the record that I’m now fighting for computer time with not just Marc, but also with Jessie and Sam, so forgive me if the blog posts are becoming a little less frequent :-).  Strangely, while I’m convinced that one television set is more than sufficient for our little family – I can see the argument for an additional computer. 

Everyone in my little family has some sort of cold.  Even my tiny Julianna is now sniffling and congested (which makes nursing a bit more complicated).  Jess woke up this morning, claiming she didn’t feel good and wanted to stay home.  I sent her anyway, and Sam and Marc are both still sick, coughing and sneezing.  I, however, am a paragon of health, and I suspect that it’s due in no small measure to the mere fact that I don’t have time to get sick – there are too many other things I have to do.

Marc climbed Mt. Wachusett earlier this weekend with the four oldest kids.  I attempted it, but realized early on that I not only really didn’t like hiking, but that Julianna would be much happier cuddled up the car, nursing.  So I waved goodbye, trekked back down the mountain solo and then sat in the car for a couple of hours.  Proving once again that it’s always a good idea to bring a book, and with the sunshine heating up the car, a gentle breeze teasing the leaves – it was really the perfect way to spend an afternoon, with a sleeping baby at my breast, a bag of cookies and bottle of water and a really good book.  Marc has been working out like a madman ever since Julie was born and it totally paid off, because my oldest stepdaughter, Lilli, injured her foot up there, and Marc hiked all the way down the mountain with her on his back, piggyback style, and one hand holding Sam’s hand so he didn’t stumble.  Imagine hiking all the way down a MOUNTAIN with a good sized eleven year old on your back and only one hand available to hitch her up.   Very impressed.

And… we’re moving.  When we moved to this apartment, three and half years ago, we had one kid and one baby.  It’s tiny – adorable, yes, but TINY.  Jessie’s bedroom is really small and Sam and Julie are both in our bedroom.  We have obviously outgrown it, but we loved it here.  It’s a tiny little dead end street, surrounded by trees… but we’re moving.  One of Marc’s uncle’s brothers is moving to FL and looking to rent his house and offered it to us.  It’s a fantastic opportunity, same rent as what we’re paying now, and we’ll have a three bedroom house.  I’m beyond thrilled.  We’re going to shoot for getting in there by November 15, but realistically, we won’t do it until December 1.

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