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Jul 11

Happy Birthday to my Samilicious

I’m actually late in posting this – his birthday was last Tuesday. We had his first slumber party last night and he was blissfully happy the entire time. We invited his bestest friend Brian (he’s seven and Sam worships him) and Harrison, got them water guns, pizza and a star wars movie and it was heaven for him.

At four years old, I can see the kind of man Sam will grow up to be, and he’s going to be nothing short of amazing. He’s so smart and funny and sweet, and utterly, completely a little boy. He’s all guns and superheros – any sort of man in a helpful role sort of guy. So he loves policemen and firemen and army guys and superheros. He’s embraced the “little brother” role and spends his time bugging his older sister. He’s even started repeating everything she says – like he got a handbook somewhere on how to be the most irritating little brother ever and is just flipping thru the pages, trying out one tactic after another. But when they aren’t fighting, he loves his big sister Jessie and is never happier than when she’s loving him back. He’s also all about being a “big brother,” dropping down to get in Julie’s face and coo “Hello baby girl” at her, frequently scaring the hell out her, because he’ll be running around and see her and then bam, be in her face loving her. He gives me what we call “Sammy snuggles” every morning, crawling into my lap and snuggling right up against me. He still is very much a Daddy’s boy, when Marc is here, he’s the sun that my little boy orbits around. Sam’s all high energy and he runs like a mad man, until he’s tired, at which point, he lays down and sleeps. In so many ways, he’s my easiest child. He rarely has temper tantrums, his emotions are easy to understand, he doesn’t hold a grudge and he’s sunshiney happy a lot. When he does get mad, he gets REALLY mad, and it can take a while for him to calm down. Time outs with Sam are not easy, he’ll scream like a lunatic the whole time and then need a little settle down time afterward. He’s stubborn and strong willed and very definite about what he wants and what he doesn’t.

He’s my love bug, my angel boy. He’s my Samilicious – and I can’t imagine what I’d do without him.

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