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Jun 20

Happy Father’s Day

First – kudos to Marc – who, hands down, is the best dad. He’s smart, funny, loves his kids more than anything. I’m forever grateful that my children have him. In so many ways, he heals things for me, simply by loving his children the way that he does, he shows me over and over again how important a father’s love is, and I’ll never be able to fully express how much I enjoy knowing that my children have him in their lives.

And next… kudos to my mother.

Marc took the three middle kids (how odd that I’ve got so many children I can now call Sarah, Jessica and Sam my middle kids) to Walking with Dinosaurs tonight. It’s down at the DCU Center, and it’s got this ginormous animatronic dinosaurs trudging around, from what I understand. So I’m at home with Julianna. And since we got home, three hours ago, I’ve nursed her three times, snuggled and sang to her and held her while she slept. And earlier, she was dozing on my lap, I was sitting with the boppy on my legs and her little butt on my lap, her head on the boppy. She looked so peaceful and content, her little belly was fully, she had a fresh diaper and she was just so… loved and cherished. I thought to myself that in my next life, I’d like to come back as Julie. To be that beloved. And then I realized that I had that – I had that love and devotion and utter maternal adoration. My mother loved me from the very beginning – never once have I ever doubted that me and my brothers and my sister are at the very center of her life. Never once did my utter faith that she’d be there, no matter what, ever waver.

Father’s Day is a complicated holiday for me, in a lot of ways. I’ve got a tangled up, messy, tentative sort of connection to my dad. I never know quite how to feel on Father’s Day. But today – today, I’m just grateful for my mom. Because when you’ve got a mom as cool as mine, sometime you have celebrate her on Father’s Day as well as Mother’s Day.

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