It’s worth it, right? Breastfeeding is what’s best for this girl. Because not only am I going on two and a half weeks with an unhealed crack, it’s better but by no means gone, I just discovered ANOTHER one, a little higher up on the same nipple. Am eyeing that sample of formula that I got in the mail last week…

I’m not going to use it, but I am pretty irritated right now. Both physically and mentally :-). I’m seriously considering stopping nursing entirely on the left side and feeding exclusively on the right. Julie won’t use the shield all the time, and pumping seems to make the cracks worse, they bleed after pumping.

Could REALLY use a pep talk right about now…

4 thoughts on “Tell me again

  1. cripes! what the heck in the world?

    i'm putting on my thinking cap and going back over things: did you get a second round of treatment for the thrush? was she checked for tongue-tie and tight upper frenulum?

    this bums me out so much for you 🙁

  2. I didn't do a second round of antibiotics for the thrush, because the doctor seemed so convinced that it was just a crack. She doesn't have thrush on the inside of her mouth, so I don't think that's it. Plus the other side is FINE. No pain, no stress… it couldn't be tongue tie or a tight upper frenulum because then it would be an issue for both sides, right? I guess it's a bad latch situation, but for the life of me, I can't figure out why she's fine on one side and crappy on the other – and it looks like she's latching on the same for both sides. I'm going to pump for a day or two, continue with the lanolin and hope for the best, I guess.

  3. My right breast is considerably bigger than my left and Aiden ALWAYS had a hard time latching onto the right. I had to use the football hold on that one, and the regular hold on the left. Try a different hold with that breast.

    I'm so sorry. It really is worth it and for what it's worth, you are so strong! I know plenty of women who would have stopped at this point. Just remember how wonderful it gets after all of these first few months of hurdles. It gets better, remember. *hugs*

  4. oh okay. gotcha. tomorrow morning when i'm at work i'll take a look at the LLL Leader book to see if it has anything else to consider. did anyone on the forums have some insight?


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