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Apr 02

Happy, happy, happy

I’m having a delightful sort of day.  You know how some mornings, things just work?  Today was one of those days.  Both the older kids bopped out of bed cheerfully and content.  Ate their breakfast (Jessie is still keeping kosher for Passover, refused the non k for p cereal her brother was having) and I dropped them off at school nice and early.  Julie slept in, as per usual, and Marc was able to stay home long enough for me to let her sleep and not have to haul her sleeping little tushy out the door.

I came home, and Girlfriend was still asleep, which gave me time to unload the dishwasher, start another load of laundry, and realize that Jessica left her homework folder on the dining room table.  Once she got up, I got her dressed, packed an apple and a sippie cup of milk, dropped off Jessie’s homework and bopped down to Becky’s house for the day.  Spent the day in the rocking chair, watching her daughter and mine mill around the living room, alternately sharing and not, playing together and ignoring each other.  Probably the same thing that Becky and I did when we were almost three and two.

Poor Harrison was sick today, which was GREAT for me, because I was able to pick up the kids at school, drop Sarah off at home, and then take my three to Walmart.  Ahh – the joys of Walmart.  We bought new school supplies for Jessie, triscuits for Julie (because she LOVES them) and traded in Sam’s outfit that Easter Bunny got.  Sam doesn’t like the Easter Bunny’s taste AT ALL, so he got three new shirts, and is a happy, happy boy.  We also got stuff for tomorrow’s breakfast and lunch box and then made it back home.  Only to discover Marc asleep.

Once he woke up, we took all three kids out for dinner, to celebrate the end of Passover.   There’s a chemistry when all five of us are together.  Jessica, Sam, Julianna, Marc and I.  The kids bopped and played and discussed – Marc and I did the adult version of that.  It was … just lovely.  I never take it for granted – a happy family.  Kids who can talk without wanting to kill each other, parents who legitimately like each other, in addition to being an absolute unit.

I keep thinking that this time – right here, this is as good as it gets.  But really, it just keeps getting better.  More depth, more intensity.  It’s fascinating as much as it’s sort of awe inspiring for me.



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