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Apr 03

Way Back Wednesday!

(Julianna will be three years old at the end of the month, and I can’t believe that she’s so big.  This post (from the end of May, 2010) made me a little misty, because she was so little – and it seems like it was yesterday)

My last little baby girl is four weeks old yesterday, and hits her one month birthday tomorrow. Already, she’s grown so much, her cheeks are getting chubby, she’s smiling more and more, and she’s so gorgeous and amazing that I can’t stop admiring her. I’m a tiny bit wistful, it went by so incredibly fast, and she’s not a newborn anymore, now she’s a baby and I know that this stage will fly by too.

Julianna is still very calm, she’s a very easy baby, as long as you understand that her rightful place is in my arms. Or someone’s arms, at least. She way prefers to be held, but since I really prefer to hold her, it works out well for both of us :-) She’s got the same big, big eyes that Jessie and Sam have, and the same pointed little chin. She’s got a dimple in her left cheek and one in her chin. Her hair is still delightfully fluffy, she loves her bath. She gets offended if she’s in a dirty diaper, and demands a diaper change immediately. She’ll also cry if she needs to burp or be fed, but other than that, she’s a sunshiney happy baby. She’s getting so big, more and more of her clothes fit her these days, and I’m already thinking that she might be starting to outgrow some of the tinier outfits. Like those little bag type night-gowns? I’ve got a bunch of them, and loved them for night time, but then we had several really warm nights in a row and she’s been sleeping her in her onesie tucked up next to me, and I fear she might be too long for some of them now. She’s not as skinny scrawny as she was, she’s getting little fat rolls around her thighs, but her arms and legs are still stick skinny.

We worked thru our nursing issues. It took a while, including that very bad Sunday – a day that I’ll never forget. The potential loss of the nursing relationship, and in my eyes, the suggestion that she might not get the mothering love that the other two got from me as a result, was devastating and it’s taken a while for me to relax into our relationship. I’m very happy to report that Julianna loves me just as much as the others did – she calms immediately when I pick her up, or even just the touch of my hand on her face if she’s crying in the car. She’s already sleeping thru the night, which shocked me. She’ll go for a good five or six hours, waking once but not actually nursing. She just seems to want to know that I’m there, and refuses to latch on, she just likes to have her back patted and she falls back asleep. She’ll then nurse every hour or so during the day, taking one or two longer naps, in the morning and late afternoon. I’m just starting to notice some oversupply or overactive let down during the day, she has to pull off sometimes to avoid choking and I get engorged a lot because she is such a frequent nurser. She squeaks in her sleep, and when she’s awake. Very vocal (although in this family, that’s not surprising). She’s my love bug, and I can’t imagine now what life was like without her.

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