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Feb 23

Happy, happy, happy, happy

(on a side note, I’ve used this title before – which I think is kind of a nice sign of how I feel about my life 🙂

I’m all sunshine and lollipops today – Samilicious is still soundly sleeping, and Miss Jess danced off to school with a smile on her face. We had a busy weekend, Jess and I both got hair cuts, and I’m still loving mine, and loving Jessie’s as well. Marc and I have been at each other’s throats for most of the weekend, which is blessedly rare, but have patched things up rather well, I think. We fought about the way the house looked when I came home on Saturday (why, oh why would they destroy my house? Why?) and his work out schedule (which will forever be a source of conflict for us). For me, marriage is all about choice. When it’s hard. And sometimes it is. You (or at least I) have to consciously CHOOSE to not stay mad. To remember why you love him, to remember that his overall goal is good, and while he might screw up royally in the execution of it, his desire is not to make you miserable. And the nice thing about Marc is that while he might not ever be able to be the first one to make that overture to end a fight (his theory is that if you ignore it, maybe it’ll go away), he’s always receptive (and relieved) when I do it.

Moving right along… today – today is MY DAY. This is the day I’ve been clinging to, all last week, when I was drowning in children. I babysit during the day, but that’s different, I love my babies (toddlers), it’s when I’ve got four school age girls running around that I want to rip my hair out. And last week, I had more than my fill of whining and crying and yelling and ‘it’s my turn on the computer’ and ‘she won’t share with me’ and just the general nastiness that three sisters and one Glennys can get up to when they’re stuck together for too long. But today – ah, today… I’m going to relax, unwind, chill out, watch all kinds of television, read a lot – Sam took unbelievably crappy naps on both Saturday and Sunday, which is why he’s still asleep, and I’m so excited about just being me today.

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