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Feb 22

Just a complaining post

I went out yesterday with my mother and my daughter and my favorite cousin – and had a LOVELY day. Really – got my hair cut, got a couple of new shirts, bought Jess a webkinz, got Jessie’s hair cut (she looks gorgeous), then Marc met me down at my mother’s house, she made a big dinner for everyone, it was delightful – right up until I came home. To find… just this huge, disgusting mess. And I’m mad and upset and all those negative things, thinking hostile thoughts towards husbands and step children, and angered that I must pay for any fun time out of the house by having to spend the entire next day cleaning up after people too lazy and apathetic to make any effort to do it themselves.

Just depressing.

Anyway – so I’m cleaning, and cleaning, and cleaning today. Picking up Barbie shoes and clothes, throwing away crayons (I have adopted the “toss it out if it’s on the floor” theory in regards to art supplies) and folding things. I crawled into Sam’s bed last night with Jess in the middle of the night (Sam having spent the night in my bed) and it was filled with dirt and crumbs and CRAP that I had to clean off the bed before I could even put my poor tired girl in there (she wet the bed – my fault, I was too cold to get up and take her to the potty in the middle of the night). I’m filled with hostility and resentment and not feeling particularly warm and fuzzy.

But my hair looks FABULOUS.

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