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Feb 20

Have settled into that delightfully, hugely pregnant mode

I’m just a walking incubator these days. Am gaining all kinds of weight (up until the 28 week appt, I had only gained seven pounds, and three of them were between weeks 24 and 28), but I’m starving now, a lot of the time, and the baby is moving constantly. My hips are sore, I’m eating TUMS like there’s no tomorrow, and am really really feeling pregnant.

I wouldn’t want it any other way – if I was offered the chance to adopt or be pregnant, I’d vote for pregnancy. If the choice was me being pregnant or Marc, I’d want to do it. As much as I complain – there’s something so magical about building a baby inside my body. Feeling that sense of creation, of … magic, for lack of a better term. What I’m happening right now, inside my body, is nothing short of amazing – and even when I’m moaning and groaning and complaining, it’s still the most incredible thing I’ve ever done.

In other news… I’m having a delightfully lazy day today – we all slept in until around eight thirty or so, which is unheard of. And I’m still in my pj’s and a robe and it’s 12:30. I’m heading to the mall this afternoon for a while with Becky, I have to get Sam some new underwear (he’s only got the three we bought a couple of months ago) and Jess needs new school supplies. House is in shambles, but with five kids here today (including Glennys), I’ve concluded that there’s absolutely no point in trying to clean anything. Jess is spending tonight at Annie’s house, and Mike Wilder and Stephanie are coming over for a scrabble marathon.

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