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May 24

He ate salad

Sam’s eating again.  Not a lot, and the list of food he can’t tolerate is significantly longer than the list of food that he can.  He can eat peeled apples, salad (lettuce, cucumbers, croutons and salad dressing), and white rice.  French fries.  He can drink ginger ale and water.

And that’s such a stunningly huge improvement over where we are – I know that.  But still – salad and rice and apples is not a sufficient amount of food to grow a nine year old boy.

Appointments continue – feeding clinic and neuro-opthamology tomorrow, and regular pediatrician on Friday, therapist next Tuesday and physical therapy the week after that.  It’s progress – huge, unbelievable progress, but it still feels like such a long, long road to get back to normalcy.

In other news… we’re counting down to the end of the school year for the girls (which just reminds me of how much I need to be able to focus on educating Sammy).  Julie’s kindergarten teacher is moving up to first grade, which means that we get to have another year with her.  Jessie is heading into 8th grade – and can we just take a minute and think about that?  8th grade.

Both girls seem to be doing well.  Jessie’s grades are fabulous (except for math, but that was crappy before the accident).  Julianna is reading and writing and thinking all the time – she’s a little sponge and just soaks up everything, all the time.

Fifteen more school days, and then we’ll be in summer.  I can’t decide if I’m looking forward to it or dreading it.  I love summer vacation, more time with my kids is always a plus… but, let’s be honest, my kids don’t like each other much these days.  Sam is so short tempered and impatient, and Julie and Jessie are convinced that the other one hates her.  But we’ll be able to do stuff – or we could if we weren’t so completely screwed financially.   Okay – this isn’t helping.

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