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May 19

Legit wiped out

I’m exhausted.  I keep falling asleep – I couldn’t stay awake after lunch and ended up passing out on the couch for ten or fifteen minutes.  It’s 7:18, and I’m barely making it until it’s time to put down Julie.  And that’s after a huge coffee around three.

Sam’s asleep now, Jessie’s in her room binge watching Grey’s, and Julie’s snuggled up next to me watching a movie.  Marc just got home, and is in the kitchen trying to find dinner.

I started the battle to get Sam to take his nighttime meds around four thirty.  The thought was that if I started early, maybe it’d be over and done with, and the night would be better.  Instead it got ugly, really fast.  I ended up taking the kindle away from him (which killed me – because there’s literally nothing else to distract him at this point, it’s not like he can go outside and play, or color, or play with legos, or read), but once he pointed out that he was listening to it at top volume with his head phones to drown out my voice, I really didn’t have any other choice.

He promptly fell asleep.

On the upside, at least I got his eye meds into him.  Sort of.  If your standards are low.  Mostly, I got it outside his eye, but the attempt was there.  Hopefully, that’s enough.

Tomorrow will be a better day.  I write that so optimistically, then I remember that tomorrow, we’re going to the pediatrician, and they’re doing bloodwork.  Tomorrow may well be more hellish than today.

He is getting better.  He hasn’t thrown up today – and the last time yesterday was early in the morning.  And he’s drinking ginger ale instead of water.  While ginger ale isn’t healthy, it’s at least got SOMETHING in it to keep him going.  He’s not drinking as much ginger ale as he was drinking when when it was just water – but everything, everything tastes so horrible to him right now.

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