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Apr 04

He worships at the alter of Dessi

Poor Sam – Jess is gone all day today – her first full day since two Fridays ago, and he’s going thru some serious withdrawal. He’s dressed in a pretty denim skirt (because Jess put on a dress this morning, and he cried until I gave him one) and every time one of our neighbors comes up the stairs, he drops everything and goes running towards the door, yelling “DESSI, DESSI.” He’s literally carrying around framed pictures of her that he demanded I take off the wall…

I worried that three and a half years would be too much, that they wouldn’t be as close growing up. Happy to report that it’s not an issue. He adores her – she’s the center of his little universe. Me, he needs like he needs air, it’s not something he thinks about. And he’s pretty fond of Daddy too, but it’s nothing compared to the all consuming devotion to Dessi. And as long as we’re out of the house, she’s the doting older sister. Don’t get me wrong, she spent most of yesterday trying to kill him, but if we’re at a party, or over a friend’s house, she’s very protective and loving.

There’s little that makes me happier as a parent than seeing the bond grow between my two children 🙂

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