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Jan 02

Here’s to 2009

As I’m sitting here thinking back on 2008 – I’m glad we’ve moved on. In so many ways, it was a great year – but it was one of the hardest ones, financially, that we’ve had in a long time. So I’m optimistic that 2009 will that much better for us. Here’s a list of my favorite parts of 2008

1 – Bertucci’s birthday trip. Marc, Jess, Sam and I all went out to dinner and spent a couple of hours window shopping at the mall to celebrate my birthday. It doesn’t sound like a lot, but it was one of the best nights of the year. We bought foam swords that are still among Sam’s favorite toys, got Jessie the first in a long succession of headbands for her pretty curls, and Marc bought my pretty necklace/ring combo. Also Beck and Greg were there, and that always makes it better.

2 – Sam started talking. A lot. A whole new aspect of his personality opened up, and I’m delighted by it. His mind is fascinating, the way he processes info is just so awesome, so funny and oh-my-God brilliant, I love it.

3 – Jessie started school. Big girl school, for the very first time. And grew up in ways that I’m still struggling to catch up with. She’s doing so well, exceeding all my expectations, I’m so incredibly proud of the person she’s becoming. Not just academically, although that’s great, but socially. I love watching it.

4 – Marc and I are as strong today as we were in the beginning. Stronger. I still love him, he still turns me on, and now there’s the added bonus of longevity and consistency. I can’t imagine doign this without him.

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